[Video] The Mobile Question: Lessons in Design & Strategy by Jeremy Johnson


If you’ve never seen Jeremy present before, then get ready. He has a bazillion slides and only takes one breath before he starts. His presentations are always stuffed full of great information. This presentation in particular is the inspiration for us to have a full mobile track in 2011. Our post-conference surveys rated this presentation highly.

Below the jump is Jeremy Johnson’s fabulous Big Design Conference 2010 presentation on mobile design and strategy. Nuke some popcorn and load the video.

Contributed by Keith Anderson (11 Posts)

Keith Anderson is a 20-year veteran of the Technical Communication Wars. He has served with honor on many industrial fronts including healthcare, banking, telecommunication, retail, and IT consulting. He is also the first person his family calls when they have computer problems. Keith’s shady past forced him to take on many disguises to get the job done: trainer, technical writer, software developer, web developer, and business analyst. After a life-changing epiphany of epic proportions, Keith decided self-employment was not like the brochures and is currently working for Sprint as an application developer in the retail software division. Keith is one of the main organizers of the Big Design Conference . Like most adult children, he spends too many waking hours on Twitter (@suredoc) hoping somebody will notice him, but feels he’s forged many genuine friendships as a result.


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