Sharron Rush is Opening Keynote Speaker at Big Design 2012

Sharron Rush
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Sharron Rush gets the first word at Big Design 2012.  Sharron Rush will be the Opening Keynote for Big Design Conference 2012. You are going to love to hear about her work at Knowbility on universal design and accessibility. We couldn’t be more excited!

If you have never heard Sharron talk, you’ll walkaway in inspired. Last year, Sharron talked about what “Helen Keller might learn in a 21st Century School.”  Sharron gives you a different perspective on universal design and accessibility.

Sharron is a strong advocate for people with different abilities.  Her works includes training and education via AccessU, Accessibility Internet Rallies (AIR), and working with large companies to become Section 508 compliant.

Sharron frequently speaks at conference.  You might have seen her speak at Big Design Conference for the past few years.  Or, you might have seen Sharron speak at SXSW during the last 11 years.  Sharron is not afraid to speak her mind.  You will walk away a better person for having listened, too.

As we said before, Sharron gets the first word at Big Design 2012.  You don’t want to miss it.  Register today at Early Bird Pricing!

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