Five Ways to Improve Your Mental Alertness


Brain Picture Showing Nuts and BoltsHere a five things you can do to stay mentally alert.

  • Yawning cools your brain, which increases your alertness (source)
  • Yoga boosts oxygen to your brain for better concentration (source)
  • Drinking green tea improves your memory & ability to learn (source)
  • Aerobic exercise helps with age-related memory loss (source)
  • Dark chocolate contains phenylethylamine and anandamide which increases awareness. (source)

What other ways do you know that help you increase your awareness? Please let us know below.

Contributed by Brian Keith Sullivan (313 Posts)

Brian Sullivan is the Usability Principal at Sabre. He is President of DFW-UPA. Brian is one of the creators of Big Design Events, Big Design Magazine, Big Design Dallas and Chicago. Brian is actively involved in World Usability Day. You can read his UX writings at The Usability Corner. Brian has an MA, MBA, and CUA.



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