[Video] Make Your Hard Job Easy with Austin Govella


At Big Design 2011, Austin Govella talked about ways to make your hard job easy.  In this talk, Austin said, “Designers don’t really design anything. Organizations design everything.” So, what if your organization sucks? Seriously. What do you do then? And then — while you’re at it — do it “agile”. Do it “lean”.

Austin talks about how organizations face seven barriers when trying to design create better products and services:

  • Value
  • Focus
  • Time
  • Memory
  • Quality
  • Understanding
  • Improvement

In addition, Austin describes 14 approaches you’ll be able to use right away to help your company overcome these seven barriers. Instead of changing what you do, you’ll learn to change how you do it. It’s changing the how that enables better design. You’ll be able to build better, more balanced teams, better interfaces, and better experiences.  Enjoy!

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