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CrankyTalkWorkshopWe created the CrankyTalk Workshops a couple of years ago to eradicate mediocre conference presentations by bringing new voices to the microphone and making damn-sure they don’t suck when they get there.  We’ve been doing that in DC, Chicago and Austin.  Now our six-pack of kickass is coming to Dallas for the Big (D)esign Conference.

Do you want to present but you keep coming-up with reasons not to?

CrankyTalk workshops are designed to help you tell the best story you can by spending an afternoon in the firm but loving clutches of the experienced CrankyTalk faculty. Participation means getting AND giving guided critique so there’s no sitting around and just waiting your turn.  It’s irreverent and fun but never mean-spirited.

A single day means we only have enough crankiness for 12 people so you’ll need to sign-up in advance and have a presentation ready.

  • Cost if selected:  FREE as long as you can get yourself there.
  • Location:   Bottle Rocket (A few blocks from the Big (D)esign Conference)
  • Requirements:  Little or no conference speaking experience and you’ll have to come up with at least five minutes of material to present as part of the workshop.

Go to and complete the brief but critical sign-up form. One way or another, we’ll contact you.

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Contributed by Brian Keith Sullivan (313 Posts)

Brian Sullivan is the Usability Principal at Sabre. He is President of DFW-UPA. Brian is one of the creators of Big Design Events, Big Design Magazine, Big Design Dallas and Chicago. Brian is actively involved in World Usability Day. You can read his UX writings at The Usability Corner. Brian has an MA, MBA, and CUA.



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    The CrankyTalk faculty this time will be Dan Willis, Adam Polansky and new faculty member Janice Gillmore. We’ll also have a special guest dropping by at some point during the day.

    Get yer story together.
    See you at Big (D)esign.



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