May 31: Top 20 UX Methods for Sites & Apps Workshop

Top 20 UX MethodsLearn how to significantly improve your website or app by watching people use it.  In this day-long session, I’ll teach you different usability methods and techniques.  I will explain a method, then you will do it.  This is a fast-paced, interactive workshop.  You will walk away with proven methods to make your work better.

The day will include…

  • An overview of 20 scrappy, smart usability methods you can use right away
  • Ways to groups the different methods together to get even better results
  • Time for you to practice what you have learned on real sites and apps
  • Networking time with your fellow attendees (meet a friend, a client, or future employer)
  • Loads of time to answer your burning questions about usability testing and the different methods

Who should attend?

Anyone involved in designing a website or app, which includes designers, developers, marketers, writers, editors, project managers,start-ups, and VPs can all benefit from this workshop. Whether you have already done (or intend to do) usability testing, this workshop will be very valuable.

Some of the topics covered…

  • Why you want to do usability testing (or justifying usability to your boss and your…self)
  • The number of usability participants you need
  • The difference between formative and summative usability
  • Five methods to gather user feedback before showing anything
  • Five methods to get user feedback before doing any tasks or scenarios
  • Ten methods to get information during a usability test
  • Five methods to get user feedback after a usability test
  • Review of some no-cost, low-cost usability testing tools
  • And much, much more
Get Your Ticket(s) Soon

We will be at Sabre corporate headquarters in Southlake.  Visitor’s parking will be in the

Sabre, Inc.
3150 Sabre Drive
Building B1-172
Southlake, Texas 76092

Map: google map


Tentative Schedule:

  • 830AM:   Doors open
  • 900AM:   General Introduction
  • 1000AM: Five Things to Do Before Showing Anything (First Five Methods)
  • 1100AM: Five Things to Do When People First See Your Site or App (Next Five Methods)
  • 1200PM: Lunch (on our own)
  • 130PM:   Five Ways to Get Info When People Use Your Site or App (10 Cool Methods)
  • 300PM:   Break 
  • 330PM:   Five Things to Do After People Use Your Site or App (Last Five Methods)
  • 400PM:   No-cost/Low-Cost Tools
  • 430PM:   Go home


  • $100 per person
  • $75 per person (for groups of 3 or more — bring some friends!)
  • $60 per studentNOTE: All money is going to support the Texas Ballers Youth Basketball Team, as they compete in Addidas Super 64 Basketball Tournament in Las Vegas in late July.  Some of the players will be assisting us in this workshop.

Your Instructor

Brian Sullivan is the President of DFW-UPA, Usability Principal at the Sabre Human Factors Center, Co-Founder of the Big Design Conference, and Founder of Big Design Workshops.  Brian has spoke at SxSW Interactive 2012, Big Design Conference 2009-2012, and UPA Boston 2011.  Brian has publsihed over 200 articles on the Big Design site.  He wrote the cover article for UX Magazine called “Design Like DaVinci” in 2011.

Brian has been involved in the IT industry for over 20 years.  Brian has held numerous positions including Content Management, Training Development, QA, Customer Support, and Usability.  Brian has worked in the retail, banking, medical, financial, and travel industries.  Brian holds an MA in English Literature, MBA in Management Information Systems, and CUA from Human Factors International.

He lives in Texas with his wife (Susan), son (Sean), and their cat (Junior, who agrees to let them live in her house).

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April 11th: Speaker’s Boot Camp Dallas

Speak at Big DesignIt is an honor to speak at an industry event. This speaker’s boot camp shows you how to submit, prepare, and delivery a talk that people will remember. When you deliver a talk that resonates, you can  be capitulated into a thought leader, writer, keynote speaker, and more.
The harsh reality of speaking at these events include:
  • Many submitted topics are never chosen.
  • Most speakers have not spent time preparing.
  • Slides look like “death by bullet points.”
  • Speakers use inappropriate images, language, or videos.
  • Some talks sound like sales pitches.
  • A joke goes horribly wrong with an audience.
  • Speakers do not deliver key content in a timely manner.
  • Some speakers do not show up.
In this workshop, Brian Sullivan (Founder, Big Design Conference) and J. Schuh (Co-Founder, Industry Giants Conference) share their secrets of successful presenters and quality presentations. In this workshop, you will learn:
  • How to avoid the hurdles of submitted your proposal
  • Ways to tailor your talk to the audience
  • Tips and tricks to speed up your research
  • Discover ways to structure your slides to make them more compelling
  • Proven methods to engage your audience
  • Ways to make your talk resonate after you deliver it
  • How to manage the social media channel before and after your talk
  • Methods to strengthen your brand and attract new followers
By adopting these proven strategies, you will increase your chances of being selected and remembered, rather than rejected and forgotten.
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October 17: Prototyping Essentials–Making Your Ideas Interactive


prototypingPaper prototyping is a quick and easy way to communicate your design ideas, but using paper to describe interactive behaviors can be challenging. If a picture is worth a thousand words, an interactive prototype could be worth millions! Enter Axure, one of the most popular and powerful interactive prototyping tools for the UX professional.  This workshop will give you hands-on training to create your own interactive wireframes and prototypes using Axure RP Pro.

We’ll cover the best uses for Axure and introduce you to the user interface. From there we’ll layout and create a wireframe using the most common elements, then add interactivity. We’ll get you started using some of the most powerful interactive features in Axure including masters, dynamic panels and variables. Can you learn everything Axure in one day? Of course not, but you’ll walk out with a solid foundation, ready to add this to your UX toolbox.

Your Instructor

Jo Anne Wright is an Interaction Designer with over 10 years of experience developing prototypes.  Jo Anne is master with Axure RP Pro.  Within a few hours, she can quickly develop a working prototype of ideas that you might have on a white board.  Jo Anne is a passionate advocate for getting direct feedback from users, where having a functioning prototype is very important.

Jo Anne has worked in a variety of industries including travel, retail, merchandising, education, and the US government.  She enjoys collaborating with business owners, designers, developers, and quality control to ensure smooth implementation of design recommendations.  Prototyping is one of her specialties.  Jo Anne is also an expert in Instructional Design, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, and Usability.  She’s pretty good at Texas Hold’em, too.

Register for a Workshop

You have several great workshops on October 17th:

Plus, you have this prototyping workshop, too.  Limited seating for each workshop.

If you have been needing an excuse to register for the conference, these workshops will give you critical skills to be successful at your job.  We got you covered:

  • The UX Workshop teachea you how to build consensus and get user requirements.
  • Prototyping Essentials teaches you how to build an interactive prototype from a white board sketch.
  • Usable Usability gives you several tactics for building quick, lean usability into your projects.
  • Potential speakers can learn tips and tracks from industry experts.  Plus, this class is free (if you are accepted).

We got you covered.  Register today!

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New Speakers: Sign Up for Cranky Talk Workshop


CrankyTalkWorkshopWe created the CrankyTalk Workshops a couple of years ago to eradicate mediocre conference presentations by bringing new voices to the microphone and making damn-sure they don’t suck when they get there.  We’ve been doing that in DC, Chicago and Austin.  Now our six-pack of kickass is coming to Dallas for the Big (D)esign Conference.

Do you want to present but you keep coming-up with reasons not to?

CrankyTalk workshops are designed to help you tell the best story you can by spending an afternoon in the firm but loving clutches of the experienced CrankyTalk faculty. Participation means getting AND giving guided critique so there’s no sitting around and just waiting your turn.  It’s irreverent and fun but never mean-spirited.

A single day means we only have enough crankiness for 12 people so you’ll need to sign-up in advance and have a presentation ready.

  • Cost if selected:  FREE as long as you can get yourself there.
  • Location:   Bottle Rocket (A few blocks from the Big (D)esign Conference)
  • Requirements:  Little or no conference speaking experience and you’ll have to come up with at least five minutes of material to present as part of the workshop.

Go to and complete the brief but critical sign-up form. One way or another, we’ll contact you.

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October 17: The Workshop Workshop by Russ Unger and Brad Nunnally


russ_dec09-150x150We are pleased to announce our second workshop at Big Design Conference 2013 on October 17th.  It is by two industry leaders, who facilitate workshops all the time.  This workshop will sell out.  It has limited seating.

Register today!


You have attended workshops, you have seen them masterfully commanded by other people, and you really want to get a handle on doing this workshop thing yourself. This workshop is the workshop that will help you create and facilitate a workshop of your very own, in whatever workshop fashion you decide upon.

Mushroom Mushroom

Brad Nunnally, and Russ Unger, co-authors of the book Designing the Conversation, will help you identify the path unlocking the workshop achievement in whatever platform you choose. You will learn how to:

  • Plan your agenda
  • Structure your workshop
  • Identify the tools you need
  • Ways to set the pace and tone
  • Show real-world examples
  • Design exercises to improve learning

Preparation is only a small portion of The Workshop Workshop; you will also gain from the wisdom of the CrankyTalk Workshops to help you feel more comfortable with your material–and yourself–in front of a group of people who are relying upon you to be their guide.


There will be activities where you will experience the true nature of “trial by fire” or “getting your feet wet” (whichever metaphor you prefer). That is correct: You will be leading your very own workshop within The Workshop Workshop, and presenting your findings and results back to the rest of the workshop attendees.

Bring your most comfortable pair of shoes, your favorite writing utensil, and all the gumption you can muster. This will be a jam-packed day!


The Workshop Workshop is one-day before Big Design Conference, so you will not miss a single talk at the conference.  The workshop starts at 9AM and ends around 430PM.  There are a limited number of seats, so you will want to register today!

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