Demo Hard: the Story Behind the Zeroes and Ones

September 10, 2016
10am  -  11am
Trinity 6-8

Public speaking. The very thought of it fills you with dread. It leads to sweaty hands, an upset stomach, and nervous laughter. That’s a normal human reaction, but it’s stopping you from being awesome!

You think you don’t know enough to speak at a conference, can’t write a proposal, or you’re not confident in front of an audience. Let me assure you, I’m an introverted programmer, and I’ve had those exact same thoughts.

Let’s get past these negative notions and prepare you to speak at a conference, present to a local meetup, or demo with your teammates. You’ll come away with concrete tips including:

• Tactics that I’ve learned from 5 years of speaking at conferences.
• Best practices after observing dozens of presentations.
• Ways to dream up and deliver a knock out talk.

Attend this session and I’ll help you move past your doubt that you don’t know how to make a presentation, the worry over imposter syndrome, or the fear that you’re not the right person to speak in front of an audience.

Session Category :  Career Development