It’s About the Journey

September 10, 2016
1pm  -  2pm

34% of people use the internet predominantly from their mobile phones, and as of April 2015 Google penalizes sites that aren’t usable on mobile. But the choice isn’t as simple as mobile or desktop. Many users switch devices mid-task, making it vital that we create consistency across the experiences.

We’ve come to the conclusion that mobile first is out of date, as is tablet first, and certainly desktop first. Truly user-centered design needs to start with the users and the journeys they’re taking. In other words, journey-driven design.

In this talk, we’ll explore how Journey-driven design naturally emerges from a user-centered approach. We’ll talk about the elements of good design, and look at the connections the Internet of Things provides for users. Then we’ll explore how every UX practitioner can adapt their process to become more journey-driven.

Session Category :  Content Strategy