Jef Smith

Jef Smith

UX Designer

Jef Smith’s career in web and mobile design started over sixteen years ago when his manager at Classic Graphics in Troy, MI threw a book of HTML 1.0 at me, and said, “You should get to know this.” Since then Jef has honed his skills in many different areas including several web programming languages, graphic arts, and to the contemporary user experience design standards, principles and methodologies.

Jef once characterized himself as a “hybrid” or a “jack of all trades” designer/developer — someone who could single-highhandedly execute a project from its conception and design to understanding the programming and implementation aspects that are needed.

Jef has since made the decision to focus on his strengths: web-based and mobile application interface design. It has proved to be the right decision, as it has allowed him to grow into a well-rounded UX professional.

Jef is a UX Designer by day, & a husband and father the rest of the time. he is a poker enthusiast, bowler, and a dabbler of the Culinary Arts.


September 15, 2017
Empathy Maps: Get In Your User’s Heads
Addison Lecture Hall
10:00am  -  10:50am