Kelly Moran

Kelly Moran

Anthropologist and Ethnographer

Kelly utilizes an innate curiosity and unceasing desire to ask “why” to understand how people use products and services to accomplish their goals – whether those goals are for work or play. She speaks some Uzbek, once jumped out of a perfectly functional airplane, and pet a tiger but settled for dog ownership instead.

Serving two years in the U.S. Peace Corps before earning a master’s degree in Applied Anthropology, Kelly’s professional life as an experience researcher spans both consumer-facing and B2B industries in diverse domains such as health care, professional services, supply chain, legal support, e-commerce, aviation, and sustainability. She applies her craft to business problems with a tenacious adherence to data-driven decision-making and user-centered practices. Kelly is the Principal Experience Researcher at projekt202.


September 14, 2017
Workshop: UX Field Research Toolkit
Live Oak
10:00am  -  4:30pm