Pooja Vijay Kumar

Pooja Vijay Kumar

Sr. Technical Writer

As a Senior Technical Writer for Oracle’s E-Business Suite, Pooja Vijay Kumar stands at the intersection of engineering and user experience through content. At Oracle, Pooja spends a great part of her day shaping chaotic jumbles of information into easy-to-understand, well-organized texts, and reviews visual elements to improve the browser look and feel of applications.

Pooja takes deep interest in understanding audience engagement on digital mediums. She has delivered sessions on minimalism and conversational UIs at STC India Chapter regional conferences, and conducting learning sessions for young women on pursuing offbeat content design careers through initiatives led by ITU, United Nations.

Pooja has a Bachelors in Physics and a Masters in Computer Applications from the University of Mumbai, India. She also holds a certificate in Content Strategy from Northwestern University, and is currently dabbling in the principles of design thinking at the MIT idea laboratory.


September 16, 2017
Designing Conversational Interfaces: A Shortcut to Avoid the Content Short-Circuit
10:00am  -  10:50am