Tim Proffitt

Tim Proffitt

Front-End Development Manager

Tim has almost a decade of experience in applying interaction design and usability principles to the development of web-based applications.  During that time, he’s witnessed the continual reinvention of front end development as a practice; curiosity and pursuit of mastery has kept him honing his craft and on the cutting edge.  His unique contribution has always been creatively applying user-centric design principles to the problem-solving process.

Tim is currently a Front End Development Manager at Capital One. In his spare time, you might find Tim playing music with his band, doing yoga, drawing portraiture, or hanging out with his lovely wife and 4-year old daughter.


September 15, 2017
The Framework is Dead; Long Live the Framework: Web Components and the Evolution of the Web Platform
Live Oak
2:00pm  -  2:50pm