Be More Certain: A Practical Approach to User Research

September 15, 2017
11:00am  -  11:50am
Trinity 5

The job of user research is to help us be more certain in our work. Being more certain keeps us from building the wrong thing, and allows us to design and strategize with a little more accuracy.

Sometimes being a little more certain means being pragmatic, less precious, and more practical. Not every project affords enough time or budget for proper research, and that’s okay. In those situations, we can’t let perfect be the enemy of good. Some research is better than none at all.

In this talk, we’ll walk through some common user research scenarios and questions. We’ll explore a few lightweight research approaches and discuss how and to what extent they can help. And we’ll project how, with each bit of practical research, research becomes an established practice.

Session Category :  Usability