Creating an Accessible First Design Strategy

September 15, 2017
1:00pm  -  1:50pm
Trinity 1-3

Internet access is a basic human right for individual expression and collaboration. While many tools exist to help disabled people gain digital access, the majority of sites and apps are not accessible. Many gaps still exist between design methodologies, development life cycles, and web accessibility. Organizations and designers who are willing to assimilate accessibility in their digital products also struggle due to lack of tools and awareness.

To account for this gap, I created a web-based platform which provides step by step approach incorporating web accessibility into any UX design process from the beginning. It is based upon my research work at UT Austin. It has been used by several large companies.

This talk focuses on techniques, best practices and strategies for designing accessibility-first experiences for the screen-based digital interfaces. The end products designed by following accessible design methodology will help designers to create more accessible products.

Session Category :  Accessibility