Harnessing Dyslexia for Design Thinking

September 15, 2017
2:00pm  -  2:50pm
Trinity 1-3

Recent research shows that dyslexic designers greatly enhance design thinking workshops. Dyslexic people experience the world differently. They connect, learn, and communicate to account for their dyslexia. In design thinking workshops, you want different perspectives to make new connections and see things differently.

In this talk, join two dyslexic designers and one usability engineer as they journey through what it means to see the world from different perspectives and how to harness this power for design thinking.

  • Dive into the dyslexic perspective.
  • Learn techniques to help you solve complex problems.
  • Unlock creative potential in design thinking workshops.
  • Learn how to work with dyslexic designers.

Session Category :  Accessibility