Lessons Learned from a Designer turned Design Leader

September 16, 2017
2:00pm  -  2:50pm
Trinity 5

In the world of design, change is constant. Our own design process encourages change, based on feedback and understanding our users. And even the role of design and the value we provide are also very accustomed to change, as the discipline evolves from practitioners to thought leaders.

In my own world, I’ve experienced much of this, as I’ve transitioned from being a sole designer on a project, to leading a team of multidisciplinary designers supporting an entire business. From my own self development, to building and fostering relationships both within a design team, and with other partners and stakeholders, I’ve earned my share of scrapes and bruises, but also learned a lot of valuable lessons in a short period of time.

Whether you are a designer who is aspiring make the jump to being a leader, or a designer who wants to push themselves to become a master craftsman, this talk will share some secret sauce to help you accelerate your career.

Session Category :  Usability