Moving Forward: Expanding UX in a Large Enterprise

September 16, 2017
11:00am  -  11:50am
Trinity 1-3

If you work in a big enterprise, you may have found some design success within individual teams, but it’s time to scale up. How do you expand your UX foothold in the Enterprise, and make it consistent everywhere? We’ve been on this journey for a decade at ExxonMobil, progressing from ad hoc UX with no dedicated designers to embedded design on key projects with a few dozen UX professionals.

In this talk, we’ll share our successes and failures, and the forces that made them succeed or fail. We’ll talk about how we used time and corporate culture to build influence and grow organizational literacy. We’ll share how we leveraged different funding models to grow UX, and ways we made real progress through incremental change.

Session Category :  Corporate UX