No More Bacon Ipsum: High Content Fidelity Prototyping with APIs

September 16, 2017
11:00am  -  11:50am
Trinity 4

More and more companies see the value of designing with real data from the early stages of the design process. Unfortunately it’s not always easy for designers to gain access to this data as it’s often hidden deep in source code or in the database.

Although APIs are not usually part of a designer’s toolkit, they provide valuable insights into real data. And there are tools that exist such as Postman and InVision Craft that make working with APIs very accessible for designers.

We will kick off the talk with an introduction on what is high content fidelity (and other 4 axes of design fidelity), then followed by demos on tools for gaining a basic fluency of APIs so as to make designs more real from the beginning.

Session Category :  Design