Panel: The Voyages of the UX Enterprise

September 16, 2017
1:00pm  -  1:50pm
Trinity 1-3

Verizon is a company of 200K+ Employees with a revenue stream of 132 billion dollars per year. We work in numerous areas from FiOS, Wireless, New Product Development and of course the various tools our employees use every day. It’s no surprise that UX is important here, but what’s it like in reality? Get a chance to get at some real stories with UX team members working in a variety of areas within Verizon.

Possible Areas of Discussion:

  • Creating a creative space within a corporation to optimize the creative energy of team members, allowing to UXD innovation to come through.
  • Goals and objectives of innovation / importance to the company
  • Working in a large organization
  • How to see your team place in the organization
  • How to communicate with your team
  • How to approach communication with partnering teams and aligning your teams with the business and development
  • Creating a space for creativity
  • Assessing the health of creativity
  • How to build an FED framework in a challenging environment and work to gain its acceptance

Session Category :  Corporate UX