Product and UX: How to Combine Strengths to Make Something Truly Great!

September 15, 2017
12:00pm  -  12:50pm
Trinity 4
With modern organizations finally starting to embrace User Experience as part of their product teams, and product leaders moving to more strategic roles within these teams, how can we combine the strengths of both roles to make something truly great?
This talk will cover best practices for UX and product roles, how they should be collaborating, and what they should be relying on each other for. As a UX Designer, what can your product owner do to accelerate change — or as a product owner, what can your UX Designer do to build customer empathy? As the lines for cross-functional teams continue to blur, there are still strengths the two roles can learn from each other. Together teams can work to understand, design, build and launch something that both improves business metrics, and succeeds with customers.

Session Category :  Design