Raiders of the Lost Smarts: A Strategic Approach to Extracting Knowledge

September 15, 2017
12:00pm  -  12:50pm
Take a voyage through a jungle of cryptic clues, harrowing encoding errors, snake pits of broken search engine logic, fragments of code and content left by thousands of writers and developers, and a strategy that spans the globe.
In order to produce a viable strategy for any sustainable content management, there are times you must deconstruct what you have and build an information architecture that’s relevant for your audience as well as accommodating your ever-changing enterprise needs. You will need to weave your content into an artificial intelligence platform to ensure it’s scalable.
You will see an overview of an approach to use a content management system, an example of a closed customized search engine, and a structured content model to change the way help is authored, translated, and published globally. In addition, you’ll be exposed to technological considerations like infrastructure, character encoding, and accessibility requirements.

Session Category :  Content Strategy