Recalibrating Collaboration

September 15, 2017
2:00pm  -  2:50pm
Trinity 4

This talk looks at a crucial part of teamwork – collaboration (no, this is not design by committee). As a designer it is very important to be able to collaborate with your team to come up with great ideas, better solutions and higher quality designs, but it can be a difficult challenge to balance collaboration with others, while maintaining focus. I’ll be sharing some of the pitfalls I have seen where collaboration has not worked 100% and then share ways that have helped me to make collaboration more meaningful.

The talk is aimed at designers and product managers who want to get better by involving their team in the design process (includes ideation, design session, workshops, meetings, etc). I will share strategies for healthy collaboration as well as share insights from my colleagues whom I have interviewed around this topic.

Session Category :  Design