Rivet Counting and Ocean Crossing: When Theory and Practice Collide

September 15, 2017
10:00am  -  10:50am

While the “UX” field redefines itself – generalist versus specialist, academic versus practitioner – we often fail to see the importance of the cyclical nature of our endeavors as contributors to an evolving body of both theoretical and practical knowledge. A cycle wholly necessary for progress that involves courage situationally and precision longitudinally.

Let’s illustrate this assertion with a historical example: the remarkable “Grand Tour” of the HMS Challenger in 1872, as well as case examples drawn from our work illustrating where theory and practice threatened to collide and swamp us, where the practicalities of established approaches and unexpected hurtles threw us into the fractal maelstrom that occurs when the known meets the unknown.

We share these experiences and lessons learned in the spirit of fracticality (a term we will define). These “remixes” illustrate the importance of the theory-practice cycle for progress, and offer tips for breaking the rules.

Session Category :  Content Strategy