SaaSy Content: How Content Becomes the Competitive Advantage for Software as a Service

September 15, 2017
3:00pm  -  3:50pm

Content strategy has never been an easy place to be. Plagued by tradeoffs between curated or open-sourced, paid or freemium, and original or sponsored; it’s been tricky for content-centric companies to find the perfect balance. And wrap Software as a Service around the model? Impossible, until today.

We are at a unique point in time, where content strategy is able to have its cake and eat it too. Where data analytics and machine learning can provide unique content experiences to users, resources to user communities, and actionable insights to enterprises. Where everything from highly produced to user generated content can be served up in harmony, and the contribution ecosystem makes contribution and consumption ubiquitous.

During this session, we will explore the exciting new frontier of using design research to uncover a content experience; pinpointing the perfect intersection of content and product through identifying and then reimagining current user behavior. Creating SaaSy content is easier than you think!


Session Category :  Content Strategy