Scaling and Systematizing Design Thinking within Global Organizations

September 15, 2017
2:00pm  -  2:50pm
Trinity 5

Many designers and CX leads argue the effectiveness of design thinking as a means of bringing together creative and science-based disciplines — two disparate groups — to innovate new products and services. While design thinking is a helpful tool in bridging differences in thought and process between teams, in order for it to be truly effective within global organizations, we must reshape the process and give the designers and technologists a set of building blocks to work from. Howard Pyle, SVP of design and customer experience at MetLife, believes teams must first be focused around some set of experience principles, messaging pillars or a design system in order to solve market problems in a consistent global voice. Hear from Howard on how to evolve, scale and systematize design thinking within large, global companies for much more powerful results.

Session Category :  Usability