Shaping and Shopping the Cross-Channel Experience: A Case Study with Adidas Mexico

September 15, 2017
10:00am  -  10:50am
Trinity 4

Many blog posts and articles explain how UX is not UI, but you can’t truly know unless you remove UI out of the UX equation completely. What happens when UI is not under your control?

This talk will present a case study for the adidas Mexico ecommerce site where the visual design and interface are provided by the global User Experience team and cannot be modified for a specific country.

>We’ll go through the journey of shaping the shopping experience for Mexican customers from its conceptualization in July 2013 to launch and operation until 2017. We’ll establish the differences that Mexico had with other countries in Latin America despite speaking the same language.

The main topics to be presented will be based on:
– Cross-channel experience: crm, shipping & handling, retail stores integration.
– >Product communication strategy: what makes our product better than the competition.
– Product assortment and availability.
– Information Architecture: taxonomy, findability, labeling.

I’ll be illustrating with examples the importance all non-UI related elements play when shaping experiences to deliver an added value for a market that is not used to buying online due to fear of fraud.ckquote>

Session Category :  Design