Sketching Techniques for Creating Head Room

September 15, 2017
11:00am  -  11:50am
Trinity 4

You just joined the project team as the sole designer. The project is in flight already. In the past, the developers just wrote the first thing they came up with. It hasn’t been all bad, but consistency is definitely lacking. The team assigns a few small design tasks that they will develop in the next sprint. You grab your morning cup of joe and sit down in front of the computer and read through the tasks.

“We need to have a button that opens a menu to change the colors of the chart.”, the task says, full stop. You quickly realize that the team organizes around features and not user stories. How do you get your team to help you uncover the necessary design constraints quickly and efficiently? How do you get ahead of the development team? How do you uncover the team’s assumptions and start to validate those assumptions?

I will show you how sketching can unlock your product owner and team members’ ability to articulate the right information quickly so you can make headroom for more valuable tasks like validating assumptions and doing generative research.

Session Category :  Design