The Design Value Canvas

September 16, 2017
11:00am  -  11:50am
Trinity 5

We know design can add value to business, but what type of value and how to set and measure it?

In this talk, participants will learn how to forecast, assess & measure various types of design value.
They will also learn how to better understand and communicate the value of design to non design holders, i..e the business of Design. Participants will come a way with information, inspiration as well as pragmatic tool(s) to aid them in their pursuit to deliver more value to their customers, consumers & colleagues.

This lecture will be powered by PARK bring real world case studies to light from world leading organizations, and further material be will be furnished by Grow, a world leading professional educator in Design & Innovation Management & Leadership. Grow will furnish participants a take away (proprietary) tool – The Design Value Canvas, to enable them to strategically plan and develop initiatives to deliver more design value.

Session Category :  Usability