Trigger Emails: It is Simple, Right?

September 15, 2017
11:00am  -  11:50am

It’s a simple concept, a new user is added and an email is triggered to let them know what to do to get started with the application. But is it that simple? There is so much to consider before creating that email. What does the email look like? How do you code the html? Why does it look different in every email client? How do we keep track of all the different emails going out? What is the tone of voice in the copy? What are the other triggers that call for an email to be sent to the user? What about translating the emails? How can we structure templates to make them translated easily?

This talk will dive into the UX nightmare that email became for our project. I’ll look at lessons learned trying to manage the different emails and different project managers. The talk will cover how I created templates, working with the visual designer, and go over project I created to help me generate the emails quickly. We’ll also look at problems we still face and why it is so important to not leave a piece like the trigger emails coming from your application as an after thought.

Session Category :  Content Strategy