Workshop: UX Field Research Toolkit

September 14, 2017
10:00am  -  4:30pm
Live Oak

Looking for practice with in-depth user-experience research methods? You may have read about techniques in the past, but methods must be practiced to be understood. projekt202 has been employing these methodologies with great success since 2003. This workshop is your opportunity to try these tools in a structured environment without pressing deadlines or looming stakeholders. Our experienced research and design professionals will share industry tips and tricks that will help you put theory to practice.

The workshop will be hands-on and interactive; instructional elements will be reinforced with stories of impact to real projects. We will not only cover methods of gathering user data, but the importance of spending time internalizing and analyzing the data through activities such as affinity diagramming. Participants will gain exposure to these important practices in a low-pressure atmosphere and with the guidance of experienced professionals.

Your Instructors:

Kelly Moran utilizes an innate curiosity and unceasing desire to ask “why” to understand how people use products and services to accomplish their goals – whether those goals are for work or play. She speaks some Uzbek, once jumped out of a perfectly functional airplane, and pet a tiger but settled for dog ownership instead.

Serving two years in the U.S. Peace Corps before earning a master’s degree in Applied Anthropology, Kelly’s professional life as an experience researcher spans both consumer-facing and B2B industries in diverse domains such as health care, professional services, supply chain, legal support, e-commerce, aviation, and sustainability. She applies her craft to business problems with a tenacious adherence to data-driven decision-making and user-centered practices. Kelly is the Principal Experience Researcher at projekt202.


Jessie Webster

Jessie Webster

Jessie Webster loves stories. News stories, ranging from inspiring to infuriating, came first. During a stint working for Mickey Mouse, fanciful stories were prominent. And most recently, user stories. From supply chain management to ordering movie tickets, Jessie has helped share users’ tales of motivators, delights, and pain points through contextual research as an Experience Researcher with projekt202. She studied journalism at the University of Arizona and delights in applying journalistic principles and practice to ethnographic research. She believes that all experiences are stories waiting to be uncovered, understood and shared. Jessie wants to improve lives, one interaction at a time.

Thursday, September 14
10 am – 4:30 pm
Limit 30 participants


Session Category :  Workshop