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2013 Conference Sessions

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Conference Sessions - Pre-Conference Workshops

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Friday Opening Keynote (Trinity Ballroom)

Design (Trinity 4)

Game Master (Trinity 5)

Content (Addison Lecture Hall)

Inspired (Oak Ballroom)

Game Sensei (Trinity 6-8)

Tools & Tactics (Dogwood Room)

Development (Trinity 1-3)

Friday Closing Keynote (Trinity Ballroom)


Make It So: Interaction Design Lessons from SciFi Films

Nathan Shedroff




Adding Personality to Personas

J. Schuh

Digital/Analog Summit

Kevin O'Gorman (h)
Michelle Menard
Nik Mikros
Jessica Nida

Hacking User Experiences

Austin Govella

The UX of Medicare

Elizabeth Rosenzweig


Hidden Accessibility Features in Mainstream Products

Sharron Rush

From Awful to Awesome

Brent Brice




Defining and Exploring the Elements and Spaces of Interactive Stories

Daniel Burwen

Running a Game Project

C.W. Karstens

Selling Guns to Ghandi: The Art of Getting Content Strategy Buy In

Steve Floyd

Building An App For Children

Preston McCauley

Game Audio: The creation, implementation, and importance of sound in games

Jim Welch

Designing for SEO Success

John J. Nosal

Hammering Responsive Web Design Into Shape

Ken Tabor






Sitting in the Director's Chair

Traci Lepore

Use Your Web Skills to Build Games

Ryan Joy

The Intersection of User Experience, Information Architecture, and Content Strategy: How to Strategically Work These Skillsets

Theresa Putkey

Accidental Design: What to Do When Customers Find Unintended Uses for Your Product

Rani Monson

Adventures of an Indie Startup

Aaron Robinson

What Military Leaders Teach Us about Strategy

Jonathan Isernhagen

Getting Stakeholder Buy-in

Hannah Grossman
Meghan Casey




Getting UX done

Ian Fenn

Grumpy Cat's Guide to Game Design

Michelle Menard

Hardboiled Stylesheets

Keith Anderson

On Being Better Safe Than Sorry

Rebecca Aguilera
Sarah Eubank

A Simple Method for Designing and Producing a Quality Game

Robert Gabhart

DIY Research

Mike Courtney

Fail Fast, Learn Along the Way

Jeremy Johnson




How to NOT Design

Dan Willis

Catch-22: A Problem Few Choose to Face

Jonathan Neves

Understanding Your Audience's Content Needs

Laura Creekmore

RxUx = UX & Empathy - Why UX Designers Should be Involved In Healthcare

Lana Voynova

How to Be Innovative and Cost Effective with Remote Unmoderated Research

Alfonso de la Nuez

Storyboarding Tools

Caleb Jenkins




Designing for Google Glass

Jenn Long

Making a Spectacle

Nik Mikros

Multi-Channel Content Panel

Keith Anderson
Steve Floyd

Fitting a Square Peg in a Round Hole

Elisa Miller

Straddling the Uncanny Valley

Squirrel (Brian) Eiserloh

Designing a Winning Mobile Experience with Agile Methods

Kyle Henderson

Program or Be Programmed

Paul Goode




Make, Mentor, and Learn

Todd Zaki Warfel



Saturday Opening Keynote (Trinity Ballroom)

Design (Trinity 4)

Game Master (Trinity 5)

Mobile (Addison Lecture Hall)

Usability (Trinity 1-3)

Game Sensei (Trinity 6-8)

Tools & Tactics (Dogwood Room)

Game Demos (Chinaberry)

Saturday Closing Keynote (Trinity Ballroom)


Lighting the Pixar Way

Chris Fowler



Jessica Nida




Live with 6-8-5: Rapid Skethching for Better Design

Russ Unger

Designing Better Games (via Practical Philosophy)

Jonathan Leistiko

HTML5 Can’t Do That: Surveying the Mobile Landscape

Nathan Smith
Matt Baxter

The Web Dogma 10 years on: Tarnished or Timeless?

Eric Reiss

Now We Make Mobile Games!

David Pottinger

Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite

A.J. Wood




Anti-Patterns that Stifle Lean UX Teams

Bill Scott

The Best Mechanisms You Aren't Using

Kevin G. Nunn

Design Like DaVinci

Brian Sullivan

Collaging: Getting Answers to the Questions You Don’t Know to Ask

Kyle Soucy

Game Law Panel

Mark Methenitis (h)
J. Holt Foster III
W. Keith Robinson

Breaking Down Engagements in Second Screen Experiences

Jay Henderson

Dragon Valley

C.W. Karstens






Healthy patterns - designing the health of a community beyond the dashboard

Alberta Soranzo

Windows 8 Games

Ryan Lowdermilk

Cross Platform Design Strategy

Theresa Neil

"Now Pay Attention, 007" : Usability, Innovation, and James Bond's Gadgets

Ben Judy

Time Management for Creative Types

Mick Mancuso

How to Create and Deliver Your Best Portfolio

Soowan Schneurman


Brett Amundson




The Cross-Channel Experience

Nick Finck

Effective Analytics

Matt Johnson

The Next Mobile Experience

Sung Kim

UX Research in the New Multi-Screen World

Jason Vasilas

Design from the Heart

Rob Atkins

Blow It Up, Put It Back Together

Brooke Brooks




Designing for Micromoments: Tiny Interactions with Big Payoffs

Stephen Anderson

Unity Game Jam Postmortem

Kevin O'Gorman

Panel: Humanity of UX

Adam Polansky
Brian Drell
Chris Thrash
James Helms
Lee de la Houssaye
Sevilla Garza
Tommy Eubanks

Creative Cloud for Video: Planning to Playback

Trip Gotelli

Hey, Game Designer! Think Like a Product Manager

Grant Yang

Maximizing Facebook: Privacy, Profiles, Pages and Promotion for Online Success

Lissa Duty


David Villegas




Your Customers Are Stupid, But Its Not Their Fault

Ezra Englebardt
Timothy Parcell

I'll Take Death by Buzzword Busines Model for $200

Dustin Clingman

Designing with Data for Human Comprehension

Eric Swayne

Mobile First-ish Design

Tracey Nolte
Alan Cannefax
Jason Vail
Sherif Tariq

Crash Course in Taking Payments from Customers

Myke Sanders

Mobile Testing Evolution: Innovative Ideas for Testing in the Lab, in the Wild, and Beyond

Ania Rodriguez




Feel the Vibe, Read the Room, Test the Taste, but mostly Play It By Ear.

Brandon Oldenburg