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Big (D)esign Workshops During The Year

After last year’s Big (D)esign Conference, we sent out a survey.  You told us that you wanted some workshops throughout the year.  Last August, we started a quarterly training series for you.   We have had three workshops with more to come.

We have used all the money collected from these workshops to go straight back into the community. These workshops have raised almost $10,000!!!  (At cost from $25 to $100, we see alot of you there.)

Brian (@BrianKSullivan) has ran two workshops:  one was on creativity and the other was a Usability Boot Camp.  Check out the Usability Boot Camp presentation here. 

Dave Gillem (@cruciallimit) just finished a Flash Boot Camp for Beginners.  In his post-workshop survey, Dave’s workshop left people hungry for an Advanced Action Script Class.  I talked with Dave.  It is coming soon.

All workshops have sold out.  We have performed low-cost training to over 150 people, too.  Plus, you came from all over Texas, Lousianna, and the far away country called Nebraska. 

Let us know us any other training you might want.  Send request to

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