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Speaker Spotlight: Adam Polansky (Stack It, Split It, Spread It)

adam-polanskyAdam Polansky is the Manager of the Information Architecture team at Travelocity
He has over 25 years experience in media development for such companies as Dr Pepper, Radio City Entertainment, American Express, Sabre, Corporate Express, and Texas Instruments.

A regularly invited speaker at several conferences; his published works include contributing to the book “Usability Success Stories – How Organizations Improve By Making Easier-To-Use Software and Web Sites” – Gower Publishing, 2006.

Stack it, Split it & Spread it!! — Adam’s Presentation

Do you do this?  “Let’s start designing web pages!”  In this talk, Adam will teach you about three methods for qualifying content before you EVEN get into page layout.

All too often, we go into application design by beginning at the page-level; we start shuffling elements and text around on wireframes or design comps without ever taking the time to look seriously at the content we’re shuffling or they question it as we go.  Not everyone has access to sophisticated knowledge management or CMS guidance.

Still, long before interaction design efforts begin, you need to ask and answer as many questions about the content itself before you start exploring questions about the ability to develop a design.

Do the elements you’re considering…

  • Directly support the goals of the page or application?
  • Augment those goals?
  • Have no affect on the goals?
  • Defeat the goals?

This presentation will demonstrate 3 different methods, all of which you can do tomorrow that, taken together or separately, will spare you and your teams from a massive amount of second guessing and re-work by characterizing the value of content, it’s relationship to objectives and its relationship to other content.

Some Other Things About Adam

Adam loves jokes and puns.  He is an avid reader.  Adam is former President of DFW-UPA.  He has a diverse background, which includes print and web.  You can learn alot from Adam.

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