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Speaker Spotlight: Dr. Susan Weinschenk (The Brain Lady)

Brain Lady

Brain Lady

When we first started planning for Big Design 2010, our first (and luckily only) choice for an opening keynote speaker was Dr. Susan Weinschenk. 

Dr. Susan’s book called Neuro Web Design: What Makes Them Click is a must read for anyone interested in understanding the psychology of online behavior.  Each chapter is filled with research and relevant, real-word examples.

Dr. Susan will educate and entertain you.  You will learn something from Dr. Susan in just about every conversation.  If you have not read her book, shame on you.  Go buy it, she will sign it. 

We also highly recommend that you check out the campanion blog (, where Dr. Susan is currently posting the Top 100 Things You Should Know About People.  It is awesome!

Psychology of Online Behavior – Dr. Susan’s Keynote Topic

Dr. Susan will be talking about the psychology of online behavior.  You will learn how to apply psychology to understand how people think, work, and relate.  As always, she focuses on applied research, which is a fancy way of saying: she does not saying anything that she cannot prove!

In fact, the latest research in psychology will make you more effective, be more successful at your job,and in your career.  Plus, you get to know better why the people around you do what they do.  And, you might learn and thing or two about your….self.Still, long before interaction design efforts begin, you need to ask and answer as many questions about the content itself before you start exploring questions about the ability to develop a design.

Some Other Things About Dr. Susan

Dr, Susan is Chief of Technical Staff at Human Factors International.  She is also teaches an Improvisation class, which helps dysfunctional teams become more trusting, open, and honest.  We’d love to see her improv her opening keynote (but we know it won’t happen).

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