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Speaker Spotlight: Sharron Rush (Can Helen Keller Succeed in the 21st Century?)

As you know, Sharron is the Executive Director of Knowbility, a non-profit organization that grew from the first Accessibility Internet Rally (AIR) in 1998.  Sharron leads the effort to replicate the AIR program in cities throughout the United States.  Knowbility has worked on many corporate sites to make them Section 508 compliant.  Sharron and her Knowbility team will be at Big Design 2010.  You should drop by their booth, talk to Desiree, pet her dog, and learn about accessibility.

Session Talk:  Can Helen Keller Succeed in 21st Century Schools?

Students with print disabilities include students, who are blind, have low vision, autism, dyslexia, ADHD and more. The law requires equal access, but how are those laws enforced? What resources do teachers have to ensure equal access to the curriculum for students who may learn differently than their peers? We will explore these questions and look at some assistive technologies and online learning tools available to kids and teachers.

We know Helen Keller had Anne Sullivan. With all of our laws and awareness, it seems like we are able to help students like Helen Keller. Yet, we still know problems exist. Could Helen Keller succeed in 21st Century school?

Some Other Things About Sharron Rush

Sharron has been on the Oprah Winfrey Show (still waiting on an appearance on Dr. Phil).  She is a Computer World Laurette.  Sharron has a heart as BIG as all outdoors, too.  Sharron always seems to smile!!!

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