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Speaker Spotlight: Keith Anderson (Who Do You Think You Are?)


Okay, Big Designers, Keith Anderson is one groovy cat.  Keith is a 15-year veteran of the Technical Communication Wars. He has served with honor on many industrial fronts including healthcare, banking, telecommunication, retail, and IT consulting. He is also the first person his family calls when they have computer problems. Keith’s shady past forced him to take on many disguises to get the job done: trainer, technical writer, software developer, web developer, and business analyst.

Like most adult children, he spends too many waking hours on Twitter (@suredoc) hoping somebody will notice him, but feels he’s forged many genuine friendships as a result. Keith is also the creator of the “Beerinar”, which is a social meeting experiment to get people to drink with a purpose.

Session Talk: Who Do You Think You Are?

For those of you thinking social media is one-dimensional, you would be right. Keith Anderson discusses his experience with social media as something you can use for things other than making money. Yes, you read that right. During this session you will be freed from the chains of monetization. You might actually want to use Twitter and Facebook when it’s all over. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll want your money back.  (just kidding)

In all seriousness, Keith will show you how you can use these social media tools for many great and wonderful things. Keith also needs your participation during the presentation. I promise it is all good, clean fun and you will learn some things, too.

Some Other Things About Keith Anderson

Keith has been compiling his School of Rock at You really should check it out. Keith loves Heavy Metal. Keith is also preparing alot of music for the conference, too. Be prepared for an eclectic mix from Keith’s School of Rock. It is not your normal fanfare, amigos.

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