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Speaker Spotlight: Amy Buckner (Uncovering the Why Behind Analytics)

amy-bucknerYou are really going to love this beautiful mind. Amy Buckner is Co-Founder of AnswerLab, a user experience research firm in San Francisco that helps clients improve websites, software, and mobile applications. For over 12 years, Amy has been providing insights to Fortune 500 companies who need to make critical product development decisions. By revealing what users see, think and do, Amy uncovers the a-ha moments leading to dramatic product improvements – better brand impression, usability, adoption, and loyalty.
In addition, Amy is an expert in quantitative user experience testing, remote usability testing, mobile and international research. Here are some cool factoids. Cool factoid #1 — In 2009, AnswerLab was the #1 user experience research firm on the INC 500 list of fastest growing US companies. Cool factoid #2 — In 2008, Amy’s firm received the American Honda Motor Company’s Premier Partner Award. Like I said, you are going to love the beautiful mind of Amy Buckner.  Dang, she is smart! 


Session Talk: Understanding the Why Behind Web Analytics

Your analytics will give you the precise details of what is happening on your site, where the problems are, and when they are most likely to happen, but analytics can’t tell you “why”. You have drop-off after testing several checkout flows, how do you diagnose the problem? Real-time A|B testing on the home page reveals lower conversion, but you don’t know why. Your landing pages have high bounce rates after version 6.  Advertising is critical to your site, how do you optimize user flows to ensure more content is consumed?


This presentation will outline some of the key analytic findings that require user experience research to deliver the insights necessary for resolution. Analysts will take away specific understanding of how user research can be used to provide solutions to key problems of engagement, adoption, and retention.


Some Other Things About Amy Buckner

Amy rocked the FedEx house with her speech at World Usability 2009.  She is fluent in Japanese.  Amy loves observing people, and small white dogs. She has graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in English and East Asian Studies.  Did I mention she has a beautiful mind?

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