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Speaker Spotlight: Joe Dyer (Overseas Usability Testing)

joe-dyerJoe Dyer is a Senior UX Architect with Sabre who specializes in being around the block enough times to have seen and done it all.  Perhaps jumping out of helicopters and survival training in the military was proper preparation for application design in the Fortune 200. Joe also plays music, enjoys movies, loves to laugh, and tells wonderful stories.
The big guns in Joe’s arsenal are web strategy, information architecture, usability testing and research design, and the psychological motivations of end users. Joe has worked in a number of different industries for some large companies and small ones, too. Below is Joe’s contact info: 


  • Twitter username: @joeplanet
  • Website: (where he talks about music, skiing, cartoons, and design)

Looking for a first-rate bass player in DFW? Drop him a line. You will love his on-stage antics.

Session Talk: Overseas Usability Testing–Lessons from the Trenches

Are you planning to conduct usability tests in other countries? It is more challenging (and rewarding) than you might think.  Joe will be presenting a case study of usability tests conducted in three European markets that highlights what worked — and what did not.  This unique case study explores what happens when you drive a test with the following statistics: 


  • 12 days
  • 10,723 miles in travel
  • 3 testing locations
  • 3 third-party agencies
  • 1 prototype
  • 3 languages
  • 48 test participants

Sound like fun?  Learn some valuable lessons from Joe, as he talks about his experiences with overseas usability testing.


Some Other Things About Joe Dyer

Dude, if Joe Dyer likes or you gets excited about a topic, he starts his sentence with “Dude.”  Seriously, I have had the pleasure of actually performing usability testing on some of Joe’s designs.  This dude, Joe, really knows his stuff.  Check it out!


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