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Speaker Spotlight: Elisa Miller (Creating Effective Online Surveys)

e_millerElisa K. Miller is a Sr. UX Engineer for GE Healthcare, She’s passionate about making software easier to use as well as more efficient. For the last fifteen years she’s honed her skills in content strategy, information architecture and design, and multiple methods of user research to improve user experiences. When she and her husband aren’t training their dogs Xena and Lulu, she’s pursuing a graduate certificate in Applied Stat from Penn State.

Session Talk: Creating Effective Online Surveys

What is that you really want to know? Many surveys are set up for specific input. How do you create a survey that will yield the best information? When is a survey your best method for gathering data? Which tools are best for hosting that survey? What question types make the best sense for your questions? This session will answer those questions and more – including how to avoid biased questions. How to use Survey Monkey with graphics to test interaction designs. Feel free to bring in sample surveys. This session will be interactive and we will also talk about analysis techniques to give you more information–not just basic data.

Some Other Things About Elisa K. Miller

In my humble opinion, Elisa Miller embodies the character of Big Design.  She has been a leader in the creative community in Dallas for years with the Society for Technical Communication’s Lone Star Chapter, the Dallas UX Book Club, and DFW-UPA.  She can comfortably interject herself into many conversations–project management, community building, content strategy, delivery, QA, design, and so on.  Elisa is a thinker, who can also “get’er done.”  You will walk with something you can use immediately from her talk.

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