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Speaker Spotlight: Chris Koenig (Reinventing Mobility with Windows 7 Series)

chris-koenigChris Koenig is a Developer Evangelist with Microsoft, based in Dallas, TX. Prior to joining Microsoft in March of 2007, Chris worked as a Senior Architect for The Capital Group in San Antonio and as an Architect for the global solution provider Avanade. As a consultant, Chris worked with a variety of clients from many vertical markets, ISVs and other solution providers on enterprise-class Windows and web-based applications. Today, Chris focuses on building, growing, and enhancing the developer communities in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. You can contact Chris through his blog at, via email at chris.koenig AT, or via Windows Live Messenger at

Session Talk: Reinventing Mobility with Windows 7 Series

You’ve already heard the amazing buzz about Windows Phone 7… now come experience it in person! Join Senior Developer Evangelist Chris Koenig for a tour of the upcoming Windows Phone 7 Series device and development environment. In this session, we’ll talk about the ideology behind the phone, the unique Metro design, packaging and deployment, and even dive into a bit of code to show how easy it is to take your existing Silverlight skills and apply them to development on Windows Phone. By the end you’ll see how amazing Windows Phone 7 is, and be armed with the information you’ll need to get starting building applications today!div>


Some Other Things About Chris Koenig

In my opinion, Chris Koenig is a great community person. Chris and I have worked several times on creating some really cool World Usability Day events. Two years ago, Chris was able to get some Ford cars parked between the Sabre campus buildings, when Sustainability was the WUD theme. Chris leads the Give Camp effort for MS (which is truly inspiring), which has creatives and developers working to update non-profit sites. Chris had some funny pictures of a camp site that he had setup in an office building for the last Give Camp. Chris has been a constant at DFW-UPA, .NET, and any Geek meeting in Dallas. On any given night, Chris is probably talking or listening somewhere in the Dallas community.

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