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Big Design Conference 2010 Will Be Recorded


Dave Curlee Media To Record All Big Design Sessions

In Dallas, Dave Curlee Media has been covering alot of events lately. Dave’s team will be covering all sessions and workshops. If you can not make it to the conference, the sessions will be available on ustream. Plus, we will upload all the videos to a Big Design Conference channel that everyone can checkout after the conference. Big Design Conference 2010 will have its own You Tube Channel, where you can catch all the keynotes.

snowden spych

Meet the Roving Reporters: Ben Smithee and John Snowden

Once again, Ben Smithee and John Snowden will be the roving reporters of Big Design Conference. Ben Smithee of Spych Market Analytics will be interviewing speakers, attendees, and anyone with a story. John Snowden will be handling the camera, again. Ben and John will be available before, during, and after the conference.

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