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Speaker Spotlight: Brandon Aaron (In Your @fontface: Making Web Typography Suck Less)

brandon-aaronBrandon Aaron is a developer driven by creativity. Creating beautiful code that creates amazing experiences is his passion. He is a core contributor to the jQuery project and has played large roles in successfully launching many sites for clients like TiVo, Patrón, and Salvation Army. Most recently he has jumped head-first into the world of startups by joining (love that name). Sharing and learning is a daily experience and you can take part at

Session Talk: In Your @fontface (Making Web Typography Suck Less)

Using just the right font is part of delivering an experience that is so good it is indescribable. Accomplishing this on the web is no easy feat. We’ve come up with all types of creative solutions to try and deliver the desired experience. @font-face has been around for a while in one form or another but only recently has it become a widespread option. We’ll cover the basics, traps, solutions, and alternatives to embedding fonts via @font-face.

Some Other Things About Brandon Aaron

Burin Asavesna has told me that I must meet Brandon Aaron.

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