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Aquent After-Big Design Mixer (Saturday, May 29) | The Big Design Conference

aquentOn Saturday night of the Big Design Conference, we have arranged an after-conference mixer sponsored by our friends at Aquent. The location of this mixer is at Cohabitat (a special thanks to Blake Burris). We have worked out a lot of surprises with Matthew Feldman (twitter: @feldmanmatthew) of Aquent. Matthew and his team at Aquent have supported several of the Big Design Workshops that we have done throughout the year, too. Aquent has bought us food, donuts, and coffee. For another workshops, Aquent supplied of with workbooks.

Aquent After-Conference Mixer: Only Big Design Conference Party on Saturday Night

The party begins immediately after the conference day ends. For those folks that came last year, they know that we had a great time! At one point, last year saw us with battling DJs rocking the house until Sunday morning church. Stormy Shippy (yes, that is a real name) mixed two drinks that we have called a “Stormy” and a “Shippy”. I can only tell you that the “Shippy” will knock your socks off! See you there!

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