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What Makes Them Click, You Can Ask Susan


I am an avid reader of design books. I have read books by Jakob Nielsen, Jared Spool, Russ Unger, Ginny Redish, Donna Spencer, Nathan Shedroff, Paul Sherman, Joshua Porter, Steve Krug, and Louis Rosenfeld. While I cannot speak for all of the Big Design Conference organizers, I do know that this writer (Brian Sullivan) is a big fan of the work of Susan Weinschenk, especially her last book called Neuro Web Design: What Makes Them Click?. As with most books these days, we seem to get an obligatory blog, where authors continue conversations with their audience. Susan’s blog for Neuro Web Design is a wonderful example of not only continuing the conversation, but also starting new ones. She shares her thoughts on the latest technology, trends, and topics. As with all of her writing, Susan organizes her thoughts, provides relevant examples, and engages you to interact with her. It is not your obligatory blog for a published book. For example, Susan is giving us her Top 100 Things You Should Know About People. Each of these entries goes on for several paragraphs. Susan does not just enter a quick thought or show a quick movie. Susan Weinschenk is not an author to “mail it in.” Instead, she throws herself into her blog. You can tell that this person is a Big Design Thinker. When you get a chance, go over to her blog and subscribe to her newsletter. Susan Weinschenk was the first and only person that I thought of to keynote this Big Design Conference. What makes them click? Come to Big Design Conference and ask Susan. Go to her blog to get her latest insights.

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