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A Prayer for Molly

Molly Holzschlag Earlier this week, I attended the STC Summit in Dallas. I spoke in the Usability and User Experience track on the importance of sketching in the design process. The STC organizers did a wonderful job putting on theirconference. Molly Holzschlag of was scheduled to give a keynote presentation, but she had to cancel at the last minute because of an ear infection. Rumors did spread through the conference about a keynote speaker missing. As rumors go, they were mostly negative and completely FALSE. Yesterday, I sent an email to Molly to let her know that people were extremely disappointed about her not making the keynote talk. Molly is a wonderful thinker and leader in the community. The conference attendees did want to see Molly. In many respects, the extreme disappointment is a tribute to Molly’s contributions. The audience wanted to see Molly, hear her voice, and learn from her. Molly and I exchanged some really great emails. She told me about her ear infection and these antibiotics that prevented her from traveling. Today, I want you to take a few minutes to pray for Molly Holzschlag.

A Prayer for Molly

Lord, lift up the spirit of Molly Holzschlag, as she battles this ear infection. Let her know that people are thinking good thoughts. Let her feel as good as she possibly can, while taking these antibiotics. Lord, help Molly’s body to heal. Let the antibiotics destroy the infection. Let the food she eats help Molly feel better. Help her body to rest at night. Help her body to not feel any side-effects from the anitbiotics. Lord, help Molly’s mind during this time, too. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Remove any stress. No headaches. Let her mind be at peace, while she recovers. Bless the body, mind, and spirit of Molly. Please let her get better soon. Amen.

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