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Speaker Spotlight: Elizabeth Rosenzweig (Spark Your Creative Juices)

Elizabeth Rosenzweig is is Founder and Director of World Usability Day, which she started on 2004 after her term as President of Usability Professionals Association was completed. World Usability Day has grown to include 44 countries with over 180 events. Elizabeth frequently publishes in industry journals, has written chapters in 3 published books and presents lectures at conferences around the world.

Elizabeth has worked as a consultant and employee in several major corporations for 25 years. Her experience includes design and development, ranging from website and, applications, to hardware products and technology development. Elizabeth has completed projects for many major corporations as well as academic institutions. Elizabeth holds 4 patents in intelligent user interface design.

Session Talk: Spark Your Creative Juices

Have you ever been stuck on a problem? Did you ever suddenly come to an answer to some issue that was simmering in the back of your mind? Your mind literally operates at the speed, as you solve problems consciously and sub-consciously let other problems simmer. So, how do you spark those creative juices? Creativity and innovation can be sparked through a systematic approach to problem solving. And, it can be pretty darn fun, too. In this session, you will learn about the various stages of creative thinking. You will learn about different methods, tools, and styles for how you can creatively solve your problems. You will walk away a more creative person and a better problem solver.

Some Other Things About Elizabeth Rosenzweig

Elizabeth loves Southern Fried Chicken. She is a global traveler. She holds several patents (now, that is creative)!

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