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Speaker Spotlight: Jeremy Johnson (Understanding the Mobile Design Question)


Jeremy Johnson is the User Experience Manager for Sabre. Jeremy loves all things visual—indie films, mobile applications, and web interactions. Jeremy just sees things differently. Jeremy is a “Designer’s Designer” with a rich knowledge of interaction design, user experience, information architecture, and anything else loosely related to those topics. He is, of course, an avid photographer, gamer, and Lego fanatic.

Session Talk: Understanding the Mobile Design Question

Over the past four years the mobile experience has been flipped on its head. What was once a confusing mess of devices and systems, has quickly become – well… slightly less confusing. With the clear game changer that is the iPhone, we’re still green when it comes to what to do with these smaller, always on, always with us devices. This talk with focus on design and device strategy when it’s time to take your experience to the small screen. Like most projects – strategy, design, and technology all play a pivotal role when deciding on what direction your mobile experiences should take. What features do we make mobile – our core features or new mobile context sensitive ones? What’s different when designing for a small screen? What phones do we target – do we go for the mobile web, or an app? These are all questions that are hard to answer, but asking the right questions
can lead you in the right direction. Over these past years, I’ve personally witnessed the mobile space take shape while working at a large company that has launched iPhone apps, web apps, mobile websites, and new ways to message via SMS. There were tough decisions that needed to be made, and many avenues explored.

Some Other Things About Jeremy Johnson

He loves photography, video games, legos, comics, and technology. Most of all, Jeremy loves his wife and two children. I like to call Jeremy: a Designer’s Designer (best compliment I know for someone of his talents). Twitter username: @jeremyjohnson

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