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Session Talk: Design Studios (How to Sketch User Experiences)

Sketching user experiences has been around for a long time. Some design crafts actually use clay to form the basis of a later sculpture, so clay becomes the sketch for the final design. Sketching user experiences has taken a central role with the publication of Back of the Napkin and Sketching User Experiences.

Session Talk: Design Studios (How to Sketch User Experiences)

In this talk, Brian Sullivan will explain how to perform a Design Studio session as a Facilitator. Ryan Plesko will explain how to participate in a design studio session as a Sketcher. Both roles are extremely important because they get your team to reach a consensus quickly. You will walk away with some practical advice on how to employ this method in future projects. This approach is now the #1 method used in the Human Factors Center at Sabre.

Some Other Things About Brian and Ryan

Ryan builds websites. Brian performs usability testing of websites. We have used the Design Studio method to build an entire application, a widget, page, iPhone application, and back-end processes, too. You will love the Design Studio Method.

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