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Speaker Spotlight: Jared Bienz (Windows 7: A Design and Development Intro)

jared_bienz_bwJared Bienz is an ISV Architect Advisor with Microsoft, which means he helps companies who write software understand and leverage Microsoft technologies. Jared has been a professional in the software industry since 1995. He’s worked on a wide range of technologies including IP Telephony, Mobile, Web, Composite and Rich Clients. He’s particularly interested in client and UX technologies like WCF, WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone.

Session Talk: Windows Phone 7: A Design and Development Introduction

In this session you’ll learn key design guidelines as well as how to build an application for Microsoft Windows Phone 7 due out later this fall. Jared Bienz, a Microsoft architect and Windows Phone Champ, will walk us through the new device and the design specification that’s currently being developed for the phone. Finally, he’ll close with a walkthrough of converting one of the “out of the box” templates into a working Flickr Photo viewer for your pocket.

Some Other Things About Jared Bienz

BJ Allen speaks highly of Jared Bienz, which was good enough for me. Yes, we did purposely have Jared Bienz follow Chris Koenig. Both talks are complimentary. Jared really knows his stuff.

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