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Special Sponsor Spotlight: UserZoom

UserZoomYou are going to want to check out this new company called UserZoom. You might remember their CEO, Alfonso talked about remote unmoderated usability testing.  He also had those swanky water bottles at his table.  You are going to love their product!

This conference couldn’t happen without the support of all of our sponsors so we hope you’ll take the time to read about their services and give them a shot. User Zoom has supported Big Design since day one – support them back!

UserZoom at a Glance

In business since 2002, UserZoom is the leading online research software firm specializing in user experience and usability.

UserZoom offers an on-demand web-based solution (UZ Self-Serve Edition), which empowers User Experience and Marketing Professionals to cost-effectively manage and conduct sophisticated online research projects. Helping customers zoom in on the user experience.

UserZoom highlights the following:

  • A cost-effective methodology
  • High-end solution with lots of features
  • Not just more data, but actionable results
  • Not just technology, but outstanding service & support
  • Been there, done that – lots of experience in the online research field

Coming from a user-centered design and usability research background, UserZoom’s founders clearly understand the value of online user experience and usability research. UserZoom’s technology is the result of identifying that many of the traditional research methods (such as in-person usability testing, focus groups, web analytics or online surveys) were simply not enough in today’s highly competitive online marketplace. They decided new technologies and the use of the Internet could help take user experience research a step further.

Today they are accomplishing their goals by providing one of the most sophisticated and cost-effective online research solutions in the market. Thanks to their solution, UX and marketing professionals from top global brands around the world are able to better manage customer experience, save money and time on research, and increase overall ROI.

Check UserZoom out here.

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